Susie Green (Miami, FL) is a composer, sound designer, audio/visual artist and vocalist working at the intersection of music, art and science.


Following a sound engineering internship at Crescent Moon Studios, she became a signed singer/songwriter and composed alongside Grammy award-winning producers and artists. Several of her songs are published on artists albums & other projects.

She continued her work in sound-design for immersive theater, short films & studio production while undertaking postgraduate research in composition and music technology at the University of Huddersfield, UK. She explored means by which to harness the body’s movements to shape sound, based on Rudolph Laban's Movement Theory, expanding theoretically to explore concepts from quantum mechanics to human dynamics to cosmology. She was also a visiting lecturer for Electronic Music Composition, Pop Composition with Arrangement of Strings & Horns and held Master Classes for Pop & Electronic Music Production. 


Susie is working on new music as while creating new audio/visual works and sound design as well as supporting STEAM efforts in her community through organizations like Guitars Over Guns. Additionally, she conducts music tech testing, research*, and development for various teams such as Delta Sound Labs, MI:MU, and academic collaborators/composers/technicians

*Susan E. Green, Susan E. Green-Mateu, Susie L. Green, Susie Luna Green

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