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My audio engineering, sound mechanics, live production/stage performance background and experience in interactive collaborative art installation keeps me every curious in the pursuit of integrating real time gesture controlled generative visuals into a physical space as well. I independently experiment with holographic projections, audio reactive visual effects and machine learning for gesture training. Visualizing and sonifying the unseen such as photosynthesis and brainwave activity has helped me understand the spectral nature of both frequency and wavelengths. As a child I thought I was terrible at math. As a teenager, while attending New World School of the Arts (a public performing arts high schooling Miami, Florida) we were inspired by our teachers as they taught everything from higher level math through drawing fractals to physics illustrating concepts through David Lynch films, 1930’s cartoons and music. As an adult who has chosen to play with sound and light I can now have fun with seeing through the lens of things like wave synthesis, distortion, consonance & dissonance. The sound/shape of the human body in motion in relation to the space it is in, in relation to itself & relation to other bodies in motion. From the helical movement of the solar system over time down to the dance of rna replication and structure of DNA. The wondrous spectral breath of photosynthesis and the noise of frequency ranges in the brain. I would like to continue to create interactive experiences available to anyone who is interested in learning about concepts and areas that seemed too big or exclusive when taught in a standardized way. Standard for who? 

Silhouette of a person with an illuminat
black and white photo of susie green sea
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