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Site- Specific Installation for Sustain/Decay Drone Festival Miami

Sonar, collaboration with visual artist Monica Lopez DeVictoria, is a site specific installation with three layered  compositions in our respective mediums. The installation ran for 48 hours during Sustain/Decay Drone Festival in Miami hosted by Vidium & Mana Contemporary. 

Housed in an abandoned storefront,  we chose to feature the ambient elements that often go unnoticed  the low rumble of a huge Air-conditioning system's interval of operation & the surface, dips, injuries and angles of the walls that contain the space. We tuned our practices to the space between. As for the music compositions: Drones, Sonar and Bells, all three played simultaneously, weaving together from separate points in the room causing a visceral pulse and swirling that complimented the beautiful video collage that was projected onto the walls and played on two suspended monitors.  

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