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Two years

Proof of life...


  • Mad Men- My song contribution to V / A - Rhinoceritis: Voices in Dissent compilation album.

  • "Inter-Act"- Interactive, movement-music-visual installation (using my movement mapping research) for International Women's Day Festival curated by the Yorkshire Sound Women Network in Huddersfield, England, UK.

  • Visiting Lecturer at The University of Huddersfield, England UK, for Pop Composition and String/Horn Arranging/Recording & Electronic Music Composition courses.

  • "Rear View"- 75 minutes of Binaural Sound Design in collaboration with Monty Adkins for IOU Theater's multi-sensory & immersive production.   

  • Movement as MemoryMid-year update on my post-graduate research adventure into movement mapping and music tech. 

  • Point person for production and audio/visual tech support for visiting artists performing and/or setting up installations at Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces Conference. 

  • Mind blown at Ableton Loop2017 Conference, Berlin, Germany

  • Testing at Dolby Atmos Studios in Soho London, England UK- Experimented with my research in mapping motion to stereo diffusion and 360 Immersive sound. 

  • Traceforms- My post-graduate dissertation in a nutshell. Introduction of the "The Tesseract", a dynamics chain mapped to movement & the space a person occupies, inspired by Laban's Movement Theory, to shape sound through the body's motions. 

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