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Gwangju Media Art Festival 2019

Ripples Surfacing

Ripples Surfacing (see August 9, 2019 below), collaboration with Monica Lopez DeVictoria​, has been invited to be a part of the Gwangju Media Art Festival "White Magic City", October 11-18, 2019 in - Gwangjiu, Korea. It will be featured 24/7, mapped and composed specifically for the Asia Cultural Center Building.

“Gwangju is a symbolic place because from May 18- 27, 1980 Gwangju democratic movement began the democratization of South Korea. Many people in Gwangju and students died for freedom under the dictatorial regime. Considering this historical and political background the main concept of Gwangju Media Art Festival 2019, ‘Healing City or White Magic City’, hopes that this festival can heal our historical pain. Under the theme of ‘White Magic City’, artworks of more than 20 media artists will be exhibited to cure traumatic memories. In fact, white magic is a magic which gives positive influence to people contrary to black magic. So, like white magic the festival hopes to influence Korea positively.”

Ripples Surfacing is available in various formats and can be made site specific as an installation or interactive performance. Please contact us for more information. 

Website only accessible in Korea-


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