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Muse Within

February 26, 2021

This project/research was born out of the want to collaborate while in isolation at the start of the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Curiosity lead me on a quest to create a bespoke system for improvising with oneself by way of brainwaves in realtime while maintaining spontaneity.

In my ever evolving independent inquiry into technologically mediated creative expression, the world of possibility that resides within seeming limitations and restriction became the playground. I think it is helpful for people to understand that I use music and music making to understand scientific concepts, math and technology. I am not affiliated with a university nor have access to research grant budgets, lab equipment/resources or assistants. I do my best with what I've got.

I began experimenting with brain activity as a way to simulate a multi-agent* improvisation experience while in isolation. Muse Within - uses brainwaves to create sound and spectral resonance + time delays. It consists of things I had in my home studio- MUSE brain sensing headband, Mind Monitor IOS app, Ableton and Max4Live. During the spring of 2020 I ran test sessions on myself in order to figure out a mapping strategy and instrument chain to use brain data with. By February 2021 it was ready to be tested in a controlled experimental recording session by professional drummer and trained jazz improviser Richard Hargett. Documentation of this project can be found HERE.

*Multi-agent Brain Computer Interface in the arts was seen as a manifestation of interconnectivity, a broadening of self-reference to encompass multiple selves.” -David Rosenboom. [Nijholt, A (2019). Brain Art: Brain-Computer Interfaces for Artistic Expression. Springer. NY, NY.]


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