Experimental Intermedia Concert 2021

Music/Video performance with Margaret Schedel & The Seals for Phil Niblocks'

Experimental Intermedia Virtual Concert Series. December 13, 2021.

Program Notes:

The S.E.A.L.s are an AI-inspired electronic noise/surf band consisting of the collective efforts of Sofy Yuditskaya, Susie Green, Ria Rajan, Margaret Schedel and Sophia Sun augmented by the S.E.A.L. (Synthetic Erudition Assist Lattice), our AI counterparts that assist us in creating usable content with which to mold and shape our music and visuals; our music came about during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns across the globe; our live performances online using various tech stacks are dependent upon the concert organizers preferences; during these performances we improvise on our respective music, audio and visual instruments; we regard telematic music technologies, not only as means by which our live online networked performances can be accessed but also, as a chance-agent providing a completely individualized temporal experience as the medium of the internet provides a multidimensional sensorium www.schedel.net/