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The MFA in Studio Art will give me the time and space to finish developing software through Kinect Azure Development Kit for an Open Source motion/gesture HCI application that can be customized for differently abled users to control parameters through OSC and MIDI control. The research fellowship is an invaluable experience to learn from and contribute to the process of building Future Histories. I am excited to bring HCI into virtual spaces and integrate gesture and movement control with visual art. Upon completion I will continue to collaborate, learn and make while leveraging my terminal degree towards funding to support existing and future STEAM efforts in underfunded areas in my community, helping those who are interested in learning more with free education and support. Finally, I will continue to follow my curiosity to create works and interactive experiences that bring out individuals embodied curriculum to understand that which we seemingly cannot see or hear in the same ways in this world but can feel and move ever forward through.

blue hue silhouette photo of small child
black and white photo of susie green sea
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