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World Premiere of "Transmutation" on November 21, 2018, 4:30pm, UK

Transmutation, 8’ (2018)

An exploration of the amalgamation of artificial intelligence and the human soul. These two concepts act, at first, as two separate characters weaving themselves together into one cord. The piece then follows this tether-like portal to understanding connectedness over time and space as it moves on to tinker and reverse engineer various rhythmic elements, vocalizations, tonalities, and frequencies. As these elements begin to pick up the pace and heat the two entities meld together; robotics and consciousness. Body movement mapping was used to shape the dynamics of the journey into the mysteries of the alchemical process of machine/human interaction.

Computer scientist Ken Loomis, of Harvard's CS50x Miami, describes computers as “…dumbed down...they process simple instructions very rapidly.” In juxtaposition, he says, the human mind as a “slow processor of complex instructions”.

Transmutation examines the coalescence of the two as an evolution of quantum computing in the near future.


Phipps Hall, Creative Arts Building 


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