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Memories of Filey

UK Screenings

International screenings for my experimental audio/visual piece "Memories of Filey":

Seeing Sound Symposium in Bath Spa, UK on March 25, 2018.

- Noise Floor Symposium in Staffordshire, UK on May 8, 2018

Program notes:

This piece portrays the experience of sound-inside-sound, and the interaction of two simultaneous embodied experiences. Field recordings from a visit to Filey, UK were played through an underwater speaker in a pool in Miami, FL, USA and recorded, along with my singing, by a hydrophone. My movements underwater were filmed and gestures were run through The Tesseract, a bespoke software system created during my research at The University of Huddersfield which interprets movements to shape sound using Laban Movement Theory. Rhythm and phrases were analyzed and extracted from the underwater recordings and structured as a palindrome.  It begins with the raw sounds of Filey waves and progresses into a pop-driven central section. The third section of the piece slowly morphs back into the original Filey field recordings. This piece represents the embodiment of the entire experience containing the two soundscapes and the memory of one processing into the other and back again. The cycling of these two is also a virtual tesseract in motion creating a separate dimension of experience altogether. It was in this water-within-water where two very different environments were unified and the movement of one inside the other created textures and shapes that would not have existed otherwise.

Underwater Videography by Monica Lopez DeVictoria

Video Editing by Susie Green

Music/Mapping/Writing/Text/Voice/Field Recording/Performance by Susie Green


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