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EDM Single

DNA (4'00) melody, lyrics, vocals, vocal production

EDM compilation album released on Pulse Premonitions by Global Heist Recordings

Insight into the creation process of a lyricist/vocal producer:

In 2013 I was invited by a team of producers to contribute to a song demo submission for consideration to an artist in development. The instructions were: club,  dance, hit, femme fatale. The management for the artist in development wanted a  club anthem. I was also given "DNA" as the hook and title to work around. Now, in order for me to write lyrics for concepts that are out of my comfort zone for a client, I need to reach for something authentic inside of me to pull from. So, the idea behind the lyrics was that of unlocking ones own potential from within to overcome setbacks by acknowledging both wins & losses. Regardless of my conceptual starting point to complete the's  always important that the lyrics are open enough for interpretation. 

The demo made the short list for the artist in development but the project did not go forward. So, this song hung out on a hard drive for a five years. It resurfaced in 2018 when a team of producers were releasing an EDM compilation. And, here we are.

For those who create, keep going and keep being authentic. You never know...


Audio Addixion

"Each of the ten tracks featured on the record is exceptionally unique but one shines brighter than the rest,”DNA – Lost Lenox & LÄZRO” ft. Susie Luna Green. The track reflects the fresh danceable tunes with a hint of softness, provided by the vocalist featured on the track, Susie Luna Green."

Songs for the Moment, Every moment has a soundtrack

"One track featuring lyrics that remind of Daft Punk’s Technologic. Lost Lenox, LÄZRO, and Susie Luna Green’s DNA is a banger. I found myself playing this during my workout routine quite often."

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