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  • Vocals for Fallabella Bank Chile Commercial.

  • Orchestral Arrangment, Charts, Programming, Recording, Engineering for two commissioned pieces- L'dorV'dor & Sim Shalom

  • Sound design for "Speculations in Sound", 3 short films by Angela Guyton for The Center for Research in New Music at The University of Huddersfield, UK.

  • Arrangment, Production & Direction for Childrens Theater Program

  • Remixing, Direction and Production for Children's Glee Club Program

  • DJ/Live Performances

  • Re-Imagined Production & Recording of "Let it Snow" for Youtube's Stormie Grace.

  • Sound Design for "Live Coding", short film by Angela Guyton for Yorkshire Sound Women Networks' Algorave Workshop.

  • Released original production "Have it All". Vocals, Production, Programming, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering. 


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