Update- MA in the UK

April 29, 2017


For the past several months I've been growing and learning. Building my knowledge, self-sufficiency, creativity & resourcefulness  as I move forward day to day toward my goals. To watch a quick video update on my work so far, click HERE.


I've been building an approach to compose and even perform in a way that is more in tune with my authentic creative process. Coming from a very expressive cultural background reinforced by decades in  performance & the music industry, I am nearly hardwired to MOVE. When speaking the hands unfold timelines. When thinking and processing the eyes dart and gaze upward as if reading divine instructions written in the ether. When creating, a melody cascades down my crown through my face...as for the rest of the song, part by part, my limbs and body trace the physical space where these pathways can be held and brought to life one by one in due time. Movement by movement. 


I've swum through the works of Laban & Jung. Come up for air to explore ways in which technology can be linked together to foster a more streamlined compositional practice. The sounds and words and meaning and time and space and possibilities arrive superimposed. All in one. Yet, invisible until unpacked, unfolded  and unveiled through a process of technical breakdown. And all the parts become layered again-- repackaged through the filter of "me" to the final gifting place for "other". Just a song. Just a work. Just a tiny universe in the language of frequency, experienced aurally. Simple, right? 

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