5 things you might not know about me

May 31, 2016

No matter how much we scroll & search, we never really know all the nooks and crannies of a persons soul. So in the spirit of radical authenticity here are 5 little known things about me:





1- I HAVE ADD. Picture, if you will, a phone with ALL of it's apps open on the screen...at the same time. They cross collateralize & work independently - simultaneously. I've been told that this is not normal. It's my normal. 





2- I'M AN INTROVERT. Really. I am. When I expend energy socially I need to refuel in solitude. My brain is always processing the unending data that abounds & needs quiet downtime to wade through, assimilate and/or discard such massive downloads. Yes, much like when your computer needs to restart after an update.






3- I GROUND. Grounding is a technique I use to literally connect to the rock we're sitting on the surface of. I stand in the grass with bare feet (in Miami this would be referred to as "pata sucia"- but, whatever). I feel stress melting into the ground through my soles and clean energy cycling back up through them. Since resonance, as a musician/general human being, is a big factor to life on earth...I view this as tuning myself to the earth. It's science-magic. It's a thing.






4- HEARING IS SEEING. I have a baby eye. Seriously, my left eye is still the same  length as it was when I was born. It just never grew. The left lens on my glasses is MUCH thicker than the right, which gives me away. I barely watch anything. TV, movies, people. I HEAR more than I see, which probably accounts for the audio sensitivity and the eye wandering when listening or speaking. It's what's lead to mutant superpowers like discerning distance by air pressure & perceiving the truth or intention in a persons voice.... developed simply out of necessity. As the years progress I see less & hear more which poetically leads to better over all perception.






5- I AM A RESEARCHER. Officially. And, I need your support. 50% of the fees have been granted. I'm raising & working for the other 50% as I type this. Check out the intro to "Imposed Synesthesia; Seeing Sound, Hearing Movement", my research proposal that was recently accepted at The University of Huddersfield, S.M.I.C.,Sound, Music, Image, Collaboration Research cited below.


If you find it, me, music, technology, science, or anything that is fresh, exciting & new interesting please consider supporting my research by giving ANY amount through this LINK. I will be publishing updates regularly and you will be in on everything every step of the way. If you'd like to book the studio, commission a piece or project (from now until September) or ask me questions about my research please feel free to email me HERE


     "As technology continues to advance it is becoming increasingly possible to free up the compartmentalization of the senses. A form of synesthesia can be experienced between art forms. Cymatics and  sonification are examples of such forward motion. If one wishes to see what music sounds like they may do so through a cymascope or tonoscope. If another wishes to hear what a building sounds like, they might sonify the data. Gesture control technology makes it possible to map movement and sound, among many other applications. Open source code can be found just about anywhere online and research abounds. But, what about mapping a persons movement to sound based on the physics of sound waves and even the geometric     patterns that sound creates when moving through a substance? What if that substance were a human body in motion? Alternatively, what if motion was the creative force behind the creation of sound itself. Is there a way to map a space with objective parameters, turning a stage or room into an instrument that plays music as a person moves through it? Can there even be 'objective mapping' at all?" 



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